So, it has been a while. Sorry. Life has, as usual, been crazy and busy. Now that spring has finally sprung, my real-life job has suddenly picked up and I have been spending long days in the field collecting samples and being away from a computer. Excuses, excuses I know. BUT I just bought a new computer with the intent that while spending all free time working at the property I can bring this new computer and have no excuse to not write. So here I am typing away while my husband carries on building our new chicken coop. In an effort to avoid any inevitable and unnecessary squabbles, we learned quite well while building our barn, that my husband builds better without me and my opinion. Today instead I have been sitting here in the shade organizing our garden plot information, learning new things, updating and backing up my photo library and putting off, until now, writing a new blog post.

Trillium - my favorite spring flower

Trillium – my favorite spring flower

Apple leaf reaching for the sun

Apple leaf reaching for the sun

So where do I start? So much has happened since maple syrup season. Spring came. Then it left. Then it came again, but left shortly thereafter. Now I think it’s here for good. Spring has finally sprung in the New River Gorge! It’s about time, right? I guess it’s really right on schedule, but something about this winter has made spring a very welcome site for sore, weary and cold souls. And now that the long anticipated season has graced us with its presence, life has turned from busy to crazy to non-stop! This past Friday it was raining and I was glad for it, not just because of the forced downtime but because we really needed it. All of our plants that are just waking up from hibernation were happy too. It has precipitated very little in the past few weeks. A week ago this Sunday one of the most popular climbing and hiking areas in the Gorge caught on fire. Overnight a 15 acre fire ignited and grew to 130 acres in 24 hours. At the time of the fire, relative humidity in the Gorge was 21%! If you have ever spent time in West Virginia you know that this is crazy. During the summers I spent here living in a tent I often had clothes get moldy. It’s moist here….except for these past few weeks.

Newly emerging hops

Newly emerging hops

While running around and working 50 hour weeks, going to meetings and working at the property, I have failed to really notice that spring is here. Yesterday I was complaining about how hot it was. 1 month ago I was complaining about how cold it was. Fickle natured people we are, aren’t we? As I sat in my office at work Friday watching the torrential downpours, I realized, “This is spring! It rains in the spring!!” The only thing that could have set this deeper in my brain would have been a thunderstorm. Ahhhh, I am squirming like a little kid thinking about the magic of summer thunderstorms. What is it about them that makes people so happy? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s an east coast thing. When I lived in Colorado for a few years I actually disliked how sunny it was ALL THE TIME. Blue skies and sunshine, every day, most of the day. I needed some east coast overcast weather to make me feel comfy.

But enough rambling for now. I promise to write more now and talk about everything that has happened, but for now, it’s time to go plant our potatoes….another task I have been putting off J


New born fern fiddle heads emerging

New born fern fiddle heads emerging



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