Monthly Archives: March 2015

Planing Maple Baseboard

As always, things have been pretty busy over here at Stout Grove. Besides being 37 weeks pregnant right now and trying to finish up as much of our house as we can before the wee one is born, my husband and I have committed to milling up, drying, planing, joining, ripping, sanding and routing all of the baseboard and door and window trim for the new house. Its been incredibly time intensive, but will be worth it in the long run seeing all that beautiful maple in the house – maple that we had to cut down to build the house, which makes it even more cool!

Check out this video of us planing down 1 of the baseboards!


Photo Jan 04, 3 41 00 PM Photo Jan 04, 4 18 55 PM Photo Jan 04, 4 19 10 PM