Stout Grove is my future home. It’s a 10-acre piece of land that my husband and I bought in March of 2012 outside of Fayetteville, WV. When we bought the property, it was originally a 20-acre piece which we split with another couple, two really good friends of ours. Just a few months later an adjacent 5-acre property went on the market and was bought by another guy we quickly became friends with. Between the five of us, our six dogs and our 25-acres, we plan to make our “Compound” the best place to live.

When the property was purchased in March 2012, we had a bunch of land, a little stream and whole lot of 4-wheeler trails etched into the fields, forests and hillsides. At the start of this blog in January 2014, the Stout Grove side of the Compound had morphed into 10-acres with a 12’ X 16’ platform to camp on, a sawmill, a newly constructed barn, 16 fruit trees, 2 concord grape plants, 12 blueberry bushes and 8 hop mounds. And this is just the beginning.

Through this blog, I hope to carry my readers through the trials, tribulations and triumphs we will inevitably face. Feel free to learn from our mistakes and the other aspects we have mastered. While I want this to be a story of turning this once vacant piece of land into a home and learning ground, I also want to share recipes, photos and other home-steading experience with you all.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, complaints or requests. StoutGroveWV@gmail.com


6 responses to “Home

  1. JLo– The blog looks great.. Can’t wait to see the you both and the land next time I am in WV, climbing, hiking or skiing!

    See you both soon.

  2. Wow, the place looks great! You guys are living the dream. I really enjoyed reading about the maple syrup and all the other good compound adventures.

  3. STOUT!!! I love it! This is my first blog to follow. I truly can’t find one that interest me. Thank you for the fun reading, cool pics and NiCE pad!!

  4. Applying to a job in Charleston, hoping to do the same thing. I’ve been saving like crazy but it’s tough to find a bank that will finance a first-time buyer with only acreage (no house). I will just have to keep saving, but it seems like the climate and topography in Kanawha county could be pretty productive. Love all your updates! I’m working in VT right now and with multiple stretches of -10* weather and long winters, and as much as I love the northeast, I don’t think I would have as much success in this climate as something more moderate. Would love to read any posts about soil quality etc (will peruse your blog again to see!). Stay cool!

    • Awesome! Keep us updated if you make the move. Buying land is hard. We had to have 25% down to buys ours but it was worth it!! What kind of job did you apply for in Charleston?

      • Packaging and shipping hazardous waste, right up my alley lol (I work for Clean Harbors right now). 25% is pretty good, here in CNY it’s 35% and a house needs to be built in 5 years!

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